How It Works

The perfect system for your home. The Ovon Valve, Micro-Thermostat and App.

Ovon Products

Energy harvesting technology means no battery charging ever.


Control your heating wherever you are with our easy to use app.


Communicates wirelessly and  easily recharges with micro-USB (3 month battery life).


Measures temperature, humidity, air quality, and more.


One valve per radiator. Simply pair your valves to a Micro-Thermostat to start controlling your heating


Compatible with water and steam radiators (both single and dual pipe).

The Micro-Thermostat

Understand and respond to your home’s environment.

Your Micro-Thermostat puts you in control by measuring temperature, humidity, and air quality.


The Smart Radiator Valve

The Ovon Valve controls your heating.

It transforms your inefficient and unresponsive radiator into a smart system that responds to your needs.


The Ovon Home App

View and control your home wherever you are.

The Ovon app is the portable brain of your home, all supported with the latest in Cloud technology.

App Screen UK Env Sensor 22C 48% Humidity

How much will you save?

The Ovon smart system lets you save up to 30% on your heating bill.

Your radiator control system can pay for itself in as little as:
20 months!

Annual Heating Costs: £1254 *
Heating accounts for 60% of the average household’s energy bill **
Cost of 6 valves for an average household £425
Payback period 20 months.

* link

** link


Diameter: 2.1 in (56 mm)

Height: 0.5 in (13 mm)

Smart Valve

Diameter: 2.0 in (52 mm)

Height: 4.8 in (120 mm)

Micro-Thermostat Diameter: 1.2 in (27 mm)

Type: E-Ink, 4 shades of grey

Resolution: 200x200px

– Temperature
– Humidity 
– Barometric Pressure
– CO2 
– Air Quality 

Micro- thermostat: Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Smart Valve: Low Self Discharge NiMH

– 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GhZ) Wi-Fi
– Bluetooth Low Energy 

– Hydronic Radiators
– Single Pipe Steam Radiators
– Dual Pipe Steam Radiators
– Baseboard Radiators

–  Two-year limited warranty

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